How to Sell Software on Facebook

Nico Westerdale

Over 50% of the US population has a Facebook account, but are they all posting pictures of their cats? Or can ISVs to actually make money selling software on Facebook?

We’ll be looking at real ways to build your Facebook fanbase on a shoestring budget, seeing what posts generate traffic and de-bunking a few Facebook myths.

We’ll also be doing a Q&A of YOUR Facebook Fanpages, where you can get feedback on what you’re doing right and doing wrong (LOLcats not required).

Manager’s note: Nico has been making money by selling software on Facebook for quite some time. In fact, he pioneered some methods of selling software through Facebook. Because of his work with BitsDuJour, he has had the chance to exhaustively test different methods of Facebook selling, see what works, and measure the results. Furthermore, he’s not only a good speaker, he juggles, too, although I don’t think that’s part of this presentation. Juggling or not, this is one that I won’t miss. I know how to fool around on Facebook, I’m looking forward to learning how to make money there. -Sue

Nico Westerdale

Nico Westerdale and the BitsDuJour team have run thousands of successful software promotions through the daily deals site

Nico was an ISV first, and understands very well the frustration that comes with marketing independent software without draining your bank account.

Nico has also built websites for all sorts of fancy-pants companies (CondeNast, RazorFish, InterActiveCorp) in New York City. He has an English accent, but we suspect it’s totally fake.

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