Software Protection Methods & Partial Key Verification in a Networked Environment

Jean Cyr and Mitchell Vincent

First, are you developing software where there is a likelihood of multiple copies running on a common network? And where per-seat licensing may be offered? How can you enforce per-seat licensing on a network?

Jean Cyr talks about the pitfalls and benefits of traditional license management and enforcement approaches in a multi-seat environment. Then he’ll present an original, generic and unobtrusive approach developed by Dillobits Software that mitigates the annoyances posed by these traditional approaches.

Then, Mitchell Vincent talks about various commercial licensing and protection solutions such as Winlicense from Oreans, The Enigma Protector, and Crypto Obfuscator/CryptoLicensing from SSWare for .NET applications. He will walk everyone through the pros and cons of each.

He explains the difference between post-compile “wrapper” type protection and source code level licensing solutions, as well as the difference between obfuscation and protection. Then he introduces several do-it-yourself methods, and compare those to some of the commercial solutions currently available.

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