Make Windows 8 Work for You

James Gagliardi and Christopher Pryce

Microsoft Windows 8 is an important product in the Tablet and PC space. Windows has enormous reach and it could represent the single largest potential market for apps. Developers have a unique opportunity to embed in the Windows 8 ecosystem at the launch of this new product.

In this session with James Gagliardi and Christopher Pryce, we highlight specific features of the new operating system. Features like Live Tiles, Search and Share Contracts and a smooth user, well-designed experience are unique and will be attractive to developers.

We also introduce the Windows store and the business model, which is unique in this space as well. With Windows 8 and Digital River MyCommerce, developers can leverage existing customer relationships to maximize earning potential.

Windows 8 has new developer-friendly monetization strategies and we will present ideas to make Windows 8 work for you.

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