Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead Yet… In Fact, It’s Growing!

Kevin O'Brien

While many technologies and channels have emerged to try and knock email off its perch, email marketing continues to be the go-to medium for small businesses looking to grow and sustain their customer base.

As SMBs adopt new SAAS software, from e-commerce, to social media, to CRM, they are eager to integrate applications, tools and content to help transform their email marketing efforts into full-fledged marketing campaigns to drive business and attract new customers.

For developers, this evolution of email marketing creates an opportunity to integrate and deliver their applications and content to this eager, and sizeable, audience of small business customers.

Kevin O’Brien‘s session outlines the trends we are seeing in email marketing for SMBs, and how developers can enhance email marketing for this audience by developing systems that are easy to integrate and connect with other business tools.

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